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Hinkley Nuclear Power Station


"Illegal radioactive discharges"


Low Level Ionising Radiation Health Effects on the Severn Estuary


A study around Hinkley power station on the Severn Estuary has revealed some disturbing facts.


In the 6 years up to 2001 they found 3 times as many deaths in children under 1 year as would normally be expected. In all there were 18 deaths – statistically significant according to a report based on Government statistics.


This followed a period of illegal radioactive discharges from Hinkley – for which the Power Station was fined.


Dr Derek Pheby, former Head of South West Cancer Registry said on “Inside Out”, local TV:


“The report raised some serious causes for concern. It does show an increase in infant death in proximity to the plant. It does show a dose response relationship – ie the further from the plant you get the fewer the increased deaths there were. I think this is something that cant be ignored. It doesn’t actually prove anything but it does raise some very serious questions which need to be investigated more deeply. And we do know that radiation discharge has been associated with cancer in other locations. We do know there was a discharge of radioactive materials from Hinkley Point before which could be associated with this and I don’t think it can be ignored.


The following was sent to us by Dennis Hayden, a nuclear veteran:


LDLLR  = Low Dose Low Level Radiation.


LDLLR, according to Dr John Gofman, former advisor to the Atomic Energy Commission, is “conducting a war against humanity”

LDLLR  is :

*  The licensed discharge and by – product of nuclear industry
*  Water used to cool reactors to prevent catastrophic over heating is
   is pumped back into the river as tritiated (radioactive water) .
* alpha and beta radioisotopes are similarly discharged into the environment.
* extremely long lasting and accumulative .
* radiation that gets trapped in river silt and on estuary mud banks .
* re-suspended into the air at low tide and in warm weather
* a more severe hazard to health than gamma radiation when inhaled
   or ingested into the body .




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