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The facts about nuclear power

Why it is: Dangerous - Bad For The Environment - Unaffordable






The cost of decommissioning Britain's 19 ageing nuclear plants has jumped from £61 billion to £73 billion in 2 years and could land the tax payer with even higher bills in the future.(Jan 2008 National Audit Office).


Waste - the unresolved problem


Britain has 2.3 million cubic metres of nuclear waste stored in this country .... more than enough to fill the Albert Hall five times. Exposure to even a tiny amount of the most potent type will kill an adult within 2 minutes.... and it remains lethal for millions of years.

David Milliband proposed in 2006 to bury the country's radioactive waste.(BBC News 27/4/06).

It will cost £85 billion to bury all this radioactive rubbish.


Can we safely bury nuclear waste? NO!

All the above points were made by Steve Connor the science editor of The Independent Jan 2006.



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