The facts about nuclear power

Why it is: Dangerous - Bad For The Environment - Unaffordable




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Photo album of the event



Music benefit and get together evening


Thanks to everyone who came to this event and made it a very enjoyable and successful evening. Thanks to the Blue Moon Collective and Stroud calling for the music, and to the very creative lady, Bhogini, who did the fantastic decorations. And most of all thanks go to James for organizing the whole thing so brilliantly.


Our stalls created a lot of interest as we had letters for people to sign, and the radius map so people could see how far they live from Oldbury. Some people were horrified to find they would be in an evacuaton zone in the event of an accident. We sold our new badges and stickers– and thanks to Ron Tocknel for the great design! And we sang a few songs together, thanks to Mollie and Roger.


The bonus was that we raised a lot of money too!
























Demonstration at Horizon/Hitachi


This went well – in spite of it being a freezing cold and windy day. A very nearly full coach went up from the Forest and we were met by another 20 people – some from the Forest, 2 from Avening and 4 noble souls who came by public transport from Hereford. We had loads of banners and sang as well as possible against the elements.


There is a small disappointment that there were not more groups in support as everyone had been invited in a large radius. I think we have to accept that we are at the moment the only group campaigning on this issue. So work to be done on spreading the word! (We have already been invited to a meeting at Stroud and are making inroads into Bristol groups)


BBC Points West cameras were there but they obviously considered that putting covers over the race course at Cheltenham was more important than us. The camera man said if they did not use it they would keep it as stock.


We did get excellent Radio Gloucester coverage – a different quote on 4 different news items throughout the afternoon and evening plus an in-depth interview at 5.45. An independent newspaper in Bristol has also accepted our report and photographs. Press releases and photos have been sent to the Forester, Review and Citizen.


After a few songs, James Greenwood made an excellent speech about UK not needing nuclear power and Carl Spilby read out the letter we were handing in to Horizon/Hitachi.


In the event we did not see the letter being handed over. The managers of HH felt they would be putting their staff at risk while we were all there, but they did accept the letter from Carl when the majority of us had gone.