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Why it is: Unaffordable - Dangerous - Unnecessary - Bad For The Environment



Back in 2016, Hinkley Point C in Somerset was meant to cost £18bn; the latest estimate, according to EDF, is up to £35bn in equivalent terms and more like £46bn in today’s money. And completion date likely to be 2031, admits French company, putting UK government's plans for nuclear expansion (see article below) in doubt, as China backs out of new Sizewell plant. Guardian, Jan 23 2023. “I would have bet at the time that we would see the costs we have today. And I think they’ll climb higher too,” says a former EDF executive. Another says the deal was based on political strategy rather than a commercial rationale. Guardian, Jan 27 2024

Latest news confirms what STAND has been saying for decades - that nuclear weapons are the only logical reason for continuing with nuclear power, as the UK government now admits the close link. Read the full evidence here: The Guardian, 19 Jan 2024

"Nuclear just doesn’t add up, and the future is renewable" says Doug Parr, Greenpeace UK’s chief scientist, as Government announces biggest expansion of Nuclear Power in decades. Guardian, Jan 11 2023.




Sellafield nuclear site hacked by groups linked to Russia and China.  Malware may still be present and potential effects have been covered up by staff, Guardian investigation reveals. Guardian, Dec 4 2023.


Sellafield - Guardian investigation reveals ‘Bottomless pit of hell, money and despair’ at Europe’s most toxic nuclear site - Sellafield has leak that could pose risk to public. Guardian, Dec 4 2023.


UK Govt regularly pays renewable providers to turn off electricity generated from wind power while paying companies to turn on gas power plants. Read this in-depth article that explains exactly how this crazy situation has arisen. Jan 3, 2023.


Why future sea levels matter to Suffolk’s Sizewell nuclear plant. Global coastal inundation is now expected to be far worse than previously predicted - Guardian, September 16, 2022.



Attack on Ukraine nuclear plant ‘suicidal’, says UN chief as he urges access to site - Guardian, August 18 2022.


Half of EDF’s 56 nuclear reactors are offline due to planned maintenance and work to repair corrosion - Guardian, August 3 2022.


EDF cuts output at nuclear power plants as French rivers get too warm - Guardian, August 3 2022.


Mini nuclear power stations may produce more waste than large ones- New Scientist, June 2022.


There could still be time to fix climate – but not with UK’s nuclear plans - The Guardian, May 2022


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The Windscale fire in 1957. The fire released radioactive fallout which spread across the UK and the rest of Europe.The radioactive isotope iodine-131, which may lead to cancer of the thyroid, was of particular concern at the time. It has since come to light that small but significant amounts of the highly dangerous radioactive isotope polonium-210 were also released. Windscale has since been renamed Sellafield. There have been many hundreds of accidents around the world since, many of which you will not see in the news until many years later, if at all, so secretive is the nuclear industry.